EPICON Sorghum Drought Microbiome

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Experimental design# The following sequence data was used as part of a DOE funded project to explore the relationship between drought and microbial recruitment in Sorghum bicolor. For detailed descriptions of experimental design, please see the associated publication. In brief, we planted two different sorghum cultivars (RTx430 and BTx642) within a randomized block design that accounted for treatments, genotypes and replication, with three replicate blocks in total. From this field experiment, we collected a variety of plant phenotypes, soil measurements, and rhizosphere, root and soil samples for microbial community analysis and metatranscriptomics. All samples were collected weekly at the same time of day (between 10am and 1pm) and the same day of the week for seventeen weeks following seedling emergence (TP1 to TP17).
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