Biggest challenges in bioinformatics


The third Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics (HUB) was held on 18th October 2012, at Heidelberg University, Germany. HUB brought together around 40 bioinformaticians from academia and industry to discuss the 'Biggest Challenges in Bioinformatics' in a 'World Cafe' style event.


PubMed ID: 23492829

Projects: SysMO DB

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Journal: EMBO Rep


Date Published: 15th Mar 2013

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Authors: J. C. Fuller, P. Khoueiry, H. Dinkel, K. Forslund, A. Stamatakis, J. Barry, A. Budd, T. G. Soldatos, K. Linssen, A. M. Rajput

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