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Authors: Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname, Matthew Horridge, Simon Jupp, Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname, Wolfgang Mueller, Robert Stevens, Firstname Lastname

Date Published: 1st Feb 2013

Publication Type: Not specified



Authors: Katherine Wolstencroft, Stuart Owen, Olga Krebs, Wolfgang Mueller, Quyen Nguyen, Jacky L. Snoep, Carole Goble

Date Published: 2013

Publication Type: Not specified

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This paper briefly describes the SABIO-RK database model for the storage of reaction kinetics information and the guidelines followed within the SABIO-RK project to annotate the kinetic data. Such annotations support the definition of cross links to other related databases and augment the semantics of the data stored in the database.

Authors: Firstname Lastname, Martin Golebiewski, Renate Kania, Firstname Lastname, Saqib Mir, Andreas Weidemann, Ulrike Wittig

Date Published: 14th Sep 2007

Publication Type: Not specified

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