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aquatic biome
marine biome
ocean biome
mediterranean sea biome
concentration basin mediterranean sea biome
dilution basin mediterranean sea biome
temperate mediterranean sea biome
marginal sea biome
tropical marginal sea biome
temperate marginal sea biome
epeiric sea biome
marine benthic biome
marine hydrothermal vent biome
marine white smoker biome
marine black smoker biome
marine basaltic hydrothermal vent biome
marine ultramafic hydrothermal vent biome
marine abyssal zone biome
marine bathyal zone biome
marine neritic benthic zone biome
marine reef biome
marine coral reef biome
tropical marine coral reef biome
marine subtidal rocky reef biome
marine sponge reef biome
marine hadal zone biome
marine cold seep biome
marine pelagic biome
oceanic pelagic zone biome
oceanic abyssopelagic zone biome
oceanic bathypelagic zone biome
oceanic mesopelagic zone biome
oceanic epipelagic zone biome
oceanic hadal pelagic zone biome
oceanic sea surface microlayer biome
oceanic benthopelagic zone biome
neritic pelagic zone biome
neritic sea surface microlayer biome
neritic mesopelagic zone biome
neritic epipelagic zone biome
marine salt marsh biome
estuarine biome
marine upwelling biome
tropical marine upwelling biome
temperate marine upwelling biome
freshwater biome
freshwater river biome
small river biome
large river headwater biome
large river biome
large river delta biome
freshwater lake biome
large lake biome
small lake biome
xeric basin biome
terrestrial biome
anthropogenic terrestrial biome
rangeland biome
village biome
dense settlement biome
urban biome
shrubland biome
tidal mangrove shrubland
tropical shrubland biome
subtropical shrubland biome
mediterranean shrubland biome
xeric shrubland biome
montane shrubland biome
temperate shrubland biome
woodland biome
subtropical woodland biome
mediterranean woodland biome
temperate woodland biome
tropical woodland biome
savanna biome
montane savanna biome
temperate savanna biome
tropical savanna biome
subtropical savanna biome
mediterranean savanna biome
flooded savanna biome
mangrove biome
tundra biome
alpine tundra biome
polar biome
arid biome
montane biome
subalpine biome
tropical biome
temperate biome
subpolar biome
alpine biome
subtropical biome
mediterranean biome
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